Part of the exhibition Baratto, curated by Parasite2.0 and Antropofago Productions at BASE Milano, during Salone del Mobile 2021

Milan 2021
pine wood, chewing gum

There are common and almost instinctive gestures that arise as a consequence of a system or culture.
The intention of this reaction can be provocation, boredom, disinterest or rebellion against established rules.
So what would happen if a small, childish act, such as sticking a gum under a school desk, would take on larger proportions and became the basis of a project?
It is with this prerogative that Chewed Tactic is presented, with the intention of highlighting a silent but shared act between different people, including people of different generations.
Chewed Tactic is therefore a tribute to an autonomous tactic, to the first collective act of strength, which passes almost by stealth, but which continues to perpetuate itself over the years.