Project commisioned for the exhibition “The Librarian Room”  curated by Parasite2.0 + La Cube in collaboration with Corraini Edizioni.

Madrid 2019
various materials

Oggetti vestiti di is a work based on the 35 drawings series “Vestiti e svestiti cioè sono tutti vestiti” published in 1972 by the architect, designer and photographer Ettore Sottsass. For this project we have taken the methodology used by Sottsass, that is the question about the identity and the role of the individuals through the definition given by a name (a title) and by an image (a dress). But in this case, we have applied it to objects instead of to subjects. The result is an ongoing collection of diverse objects of common and daily use that have been redefined by the image they project (their dress) and the name they display (the title).

Photos: Alec Iatan