Project commisioned by Abteilung für Alles Andere, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, October 2017.

Two parts act.
Berlin 2017
paper 2m x 6m

(A collaboration between Hyewon Jang and  La Cube)

With this project, our aim is to rethink the transition as place in between two spaces and to convert it in the final room while still being the way to it. For doing so, we have made a corridor as representation of this idea: with the simple act of creating a double corridor in which the entrance and the exit are in the same point, we want to question the logic perception of the inside and the outside and to generate two different and contradictory spaces in one. The corridor not only maintains its function as space of communication but also is itself the inside space, therefore the final one.
The transition turns into the one and only act, a constant movement that is an end in itself.
We have wanted to reveal this movement transition through a piece of white paper which is as wide as the inner path of the corridor. The spectators will pass through the corridor generating a contact between them and the paper, creating varied marks and wrinkles on it.
Thereby the audience will take part in the creation of the work marking the paper with its presence and its movement
This marked and wrinkled paper which represents the transit will be shown as final work after the time limit proposed at the beginning of the session.
As final act, the paper will be cut in the same number of pieces as the participants took part in the act. These paper pieces will be housed in a bookform. It can be read in codex form, which means the normal way of turning the pages.
The pages will be unbounded and will contain spatial encodings and coordinations so that the whole pages can be presented as a map.
In this way, the book will have the same meaning as the corridor: a temporal and special object that represents the movement of the transit.
This project has was done using the given space as the main starting point for the spatial development of it.